Professional advice, development and construction

Comprehensive services from Knipp GmbH plastics engineering:

Professional advice, development and construction

Plastic models with thermoforming part

Our special competence is caused by the professional advice, development and construction of our plastic thermoformed products (also called plastic deep draw parts). We understand ourselves not only as manufacturers, but in the same way as service providers for our customer. We also develop and design thermoforming parts, which are later to be produced abroad, for our customers and provide prototypes and production samples.

At the start of a new project, we advise customers regarding to the technical appearance of the plastic form part planned. During this procedure, the technical requirements of the production geometry (radii, conicity, undercut areas) and the use of a suitable plastic (e.g. electrically conducting, compliant to food regulations, heat resistant, impact resistant, abrasion resistant, benzol resistant, chemicals resistant) are examined.

In a second step, we mostly provide with our detailed quotation a product layout in the form of a technical drawing. These technical drawings – on request also movement animated – we create with contemporary CAD programs (Solid Works and Pro Engineer). Based on these preconditions, the plastic thermoform parts are optimised together with the customer.

In a next step, form part samples are produced with the help of plastic tools, discussed, modified and / or approved. These templates are also often serial-like prototypes. Our customers can test and assess these prototypes in use before production of the serial tools begins.

Plastic models with thermoformed parts

After approving the form part templates, we start producing the temperature-controlled serial tools made from aluminium, which you can, of course, also give pneumatic or suspended batch parts and are manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC milling machines.