Knipp GmbH plastics engineering and cardboard box products

Optimum packaging advice from the packaging specialist and professional development of plastic form parts or thermoforming parts – thermoforming plastic parts made from plastic and cardboard boxes from one source

We develop and produce for our customers individual plastic packaging and technical form parts. In the area of packaging engineering, we manufacture:

In addition to packaging, we also produce technical plastic parts such as:

For the manufacturing of our products, we use all standard thermoplastes such as:

  • PS in all RAL and pantone colours
  • PS-conducting or dissipative
  • PS/PE
  • PS-TPE
  • PET in transparent coloured and sealable designs
  • PVC
  • Floccked plastics
  • PMMA
  • PC

  Biologically degradable PLA

  • PE and PP

Our state of the art technical equipment allows us to process plastics in the initial thicknesses of 0.2 to 12 mm. Furthermore, we have various post-processing plants for milling, ultrasound welding, canting, cutting and for to glue form parts (CNC post processing). We also offer high-quality printed and flocked plastic products.

Cardboard boxes and thermoforming parts
Cardboard boxes and thermoforming parts

In the cardboard boxes area, we develop for our customers

  • Individual cutting packages
  • Folding cardboard boxes, shipping cardboard boxes, ( „ )
  • Folding boxes, ( „ )
  • Cardboard box displays, ( „ )
  • Cuts and ( „ )
  • Partitions ( „ )

made from corrugated board and solid board.

There are reliable sales packaging, shipment packaging (in accordance with FEFCO norms), heavy goods packaging and packaging for individual product protection.

We can print, label and finish these products entirely to your wishes.

With our plastic products and cardboard boxes, we supply customers in all industrial areas, such as the car industry, electronics industry, medical technology, pharmaceuticals industry, metal and plant engineering, food industry, sweets industry, landscaping, cosmetics and perfume industries, consumer goods industry, construction industry and furniture industry.

Stackable insert pallets for conductor plates
Stackable insert pallets for conductor plates

In times economy and technology are changing fast, flexibility is one of the key requirements to support our customers in a comprehensive and effective manner.